Tahukah Anda di Italia….

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This video is about the the things or facts you might not know about Italy
Did you know Ice cream was invented in Italy?
This video is also inspired by real life lore channel
Spaghetti Road:https://www.youtube.com/c/SpaghettiRoad
Real life lore:https://www.youtube.com/c/RealLifeLore
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20 responses to “Tahukah Anda di Italia….”

  1. Igor Hrstic Avatar

    I was in italy and i so these pyramids covered with grass and i said to my dad! DAD WHAT DA HELL IM SEEING PYRAMIDS!

  2. Vid Višnjić Avatar

    Only Americans didn't know this.

  3. Nicolò De Santis Avatar

    I am really proud to be Italian????????????

  4. THE BLUE GAMER Avatar

    Phone of Matteucci: I'm a joking for you?

  5. saif jacob Avatar

    And my uncle got a gold medal there in the day is commented this

  6. Denmark country ball is super cool im from denmark Avatar

    Him:“it looks like a boot shooting 2balls”
    Me:”it looks like a penis”

  7. Italianboy Avatar

    You can talk for years about italy ????????

  8. patrizio giovannetti Avatar

    We also "invented" America.

  9. Sachinzzz Avatar

    "boot shaped country kicking two balls" ????

  10. Empires, Generals, and Battles Avatar

    Glasses are also Italian invention

  11. ProperGoose Avatar

    It's the Mexico of Europe

  12. Gabriele Colombo Avatar

    As an Italian, I already knew them

  13. Jupiter_0YT Avatar

    Il Italian and I didn’t know there is the oldest university here, and I didn’t know the piano was invented here

  14. Bonked Avatar

    Italy is a boot
    Papua new guiena: am a joke to you?

  15. MiKi2.0 - gaming and more... Avatar

    Fun fact: italy also discovered america cuz Cristoforo Colombo was italian

  16. Andrew Erbold Avatar

    Did you know in Italy Italy is the Southwestern European country along with Sanmarino Vaticancity Croatia and Malta

  17. Massinissa ???????? Avatar

    Italy is my favourite country in europe ????????❤????????

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