Sejarah Italia Dijelaskan dalam 16 Menit

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It is not an easy job to draw the border between the history of Italy and the history of Rome. In so many places, the two political and geographical entities collide. They wouldn’t be possible without each other, but they each have their own story. Rome’s history is only a small fragment of Italy’s history. Although it is just a city, Rome was the birthplace of the republic, a great empire, and notable philosophers, poets, and artists. But on a larger scale, Rome expanded its borders, spreading not only through Italy but also through the whole known world. In that context, Rome ceased being only a city; it also became a universal imperial symbol and the pride of Italy.

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21 responses to “Sejarah Italia Dijelaskan dalam 16 Menit”

  1. Nick Cirillo Avatar

    What a fucking mess. And then you wonder what is going on today? Just an extension of what has always been a fucking mess.

  2. sclogse1 Avatar

    I recommend watching this sipping on some Lemonata.

  3. Stephen Smalldridge Avatar

    Ohhhhhhh, i see
    BC and AD
    changing what you call it to be all inclusive to Christ haters or deniers
    Doesn't change the fact that our calendar is based on
    Jesus Christ our Lord

  4. Ola Mao Avatar

    Very interesting. I love Italy

  5. Papaluška SK Avatar

    Mussolini's reign was short???? More than 20 years 1922 – 1945 WTF????

  6. T D Avatar

    I love Italy. I appreciate the long and complex history of this great country. It would be impossible to please all viewers because it is a summary. I found this useful and entertaining. ????????

  7. Hoosh Imani Avatar

    There are so many inaccuracies in this. The chronology is messy and it jumps to Carthage out of nowhere. No continuity. There's better quick history videos out there.

  8. debbie hill Avatar

    thanks, i found this video really interesting

  9. Cabal Customs Avatar

    You kind of missed WW1 and its conseuqences. But overall it’s a good summary.

  10. Jack Tanner Avatar

    Good show. Italian history is very complex.

  11. Patrizia Piva Avatar

    La nostra storia in 16 minuti??? ????

  12. Oviedo Starr Avatar

    There's sooo much deliberately omitted or purposely untrue information to mislead.

  13. Monia Young Avatar

    Friendly tip❤: you mispronounced “Medici”

  14. Joe Cangelosi Avatar

    Another deeply offensive revisionist take on the Risorgimento, as if nothing happened south or east of Rome for 800 years. I would say this video is worthless but in reality it's destructive. Please, stick to make-up videos or something.

  15. knotzed Avatar

    4:58 I think it was Marcus Aurelius that was black ?

  16. knotzed Avatar

    5:11 there's a theory that aqueducts are from an older civilization and Rome just started using them kinda like how they borrowed from all those previous cultures

  17. knotzed Avatar

    5:29 yo why he grabbing his leg and staring at his dick w a crzy ass face wile he nor even reacting just staring into space ????

  18. Michael Bacarella Avatar

    You Tube documentary The Italians Throughout American History

  19. chris Avatar

    I believe most americans don't really care about hollywood anymore. To many problems and issues going on in the united states for americans to really care about rich actors. But my heart goes out to the normal workers like the cooks, cleaners, drivers, office staff etc who are suffering duevto this strike.

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